Collection: Prayer Spirit Hoops

All of the Prayer Spirit Hoops that I create are crafted with Natural Stones and Crystals. 

They are infused with good energy that amplifies the positive vibrations that each stone offers. 

Each Spirit Hoop is crafted with 98 stones; 7 stones in each section. After every 7th stone you will find a bead made of natural metals (Copper, Stainless Steel, Hematite, etc). 

The seven sections represent the 7 Grandfather Teaching's in the Culture of my Anishinaabeg people:

Humility – Dbaadendiziwin

Bravery – Aakwa'ode'ewin

Honesty – Gwekwaadziwin

Wisdom – Nbwaakaawin

Truth – Debwewin

Respect – Mnaadendimowin

Love – Zaagidwin

When you walk through your life and keep these seven Teaching's in mind as you move through your days, you cannot help but to draw goodness and positive energy your way. We call this Mino Bimaadiziwin - To live a Good Life.