Collection: Water is Life


Copper is a connection to Mother Earth and a symbol of strength and resistance. It has the ability to conduct energy between energy such as people, the Spirit World and Natural Stones. Given its energetic properties it is also a beautiful metal for detoxification and energy healing within one's body.

It has been used for thousands of years by the Native Nations across Turtle Island for tools, jewelry and most wonderfully, crafted into vessels to carry its Relation, Nibi (Water).
As women, it is our duty to care for Nibi. To love Nibi's Spirit, Cleanse Nibi through Song and Drumming, to Protect Nibi by sharing the Knowledge of what the Water truly means to us as people who walk this Land.

Each pail is adorned with glass and copper beads. The light blue beads are recycled glass beads made by a small Tribe in Africa. The copper beads are also hand made!

Cord is made of Deer Hide and will be black or brown in colour. Copper pail is empty.